What I Read in August 2014

Today, I'm giving a quick round up of what books I loved (and didn't love) reading in August. If you're on Goodreads, why don't you come say hi?

The Remains of the Day
By Kazuo Ishiguro

How could the journal of an aging British butler on a solo road trip be so hauntingly beautiful? Yet it is - full of memories and subtle regrets and foreshadowing as Stevens drives towards the climax of meeting his former coworker. A surprisingly lovely, yet quietly heartbreaking story. (listened to audiobook - definitely recommended!)

This book rocked my core and made me face my pride and resistance to truly following Jesus in how I live. I definitely feel the pressure to maintain my masks of reputation and works as a good girl. But Freeman challenged me to live openly, in complete dependence on Jesus. A must read for Christians!

I had no idea this book was so controversial when I picked it up! But the guidelines laid out fit our family's style and schedule: regular feeds and nap times. I believe my little guy has been so happy because we keep a flexible structure in place, like this book talks about. I wish I'd read it before birth, instead of 5 months after!

This is a to-the-point guide to balancing family life and blogging life. While there's not a lot of revolutionary material in here, I was encouraged and reminded to stay focused on my goals, keep my priorities straight, and pursue the passions God has given me both online and off. A good read for the busy mom & writer.

Longbourn (Vintage)
By Jo Baker

This book was NOT what I expected. It is a thoroughly detailed, historical fiction of what life was like for the lower classes of England in the early 1800s, yet written in the style of modern-day fiction. I honestly thought it would be much lighter. Some of the ways the author took liberties with the plot line from P&P seemed a bit far fetched. Well written, but serious and disappointing. ( listened to the audiobook - be careful if you listen to it with children around, as there are several "PG-13" parts!)

This is a really great guide to starting the journey towards a simpler, more intentional life. Tsh does a fantastic job at marrying the inspirational with the practical, and at showing you where to start. I especially loved the room by room guides and cleaning recipes!

This is a book for book lovers. Which means if you're not as widely read as the author, you might feel a bit left out of all the inside jokes. But the story is sweet without being too saccharine. And it reminds you of the power of books and stories to bind people together. I wouldn't put this on my re-read shelf. But I still enjoyed this story of a man whose solitary life is turned upside down by books and the people who love them.

What books did you love (or hate) this month? Anything to recommend me?

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