Why Motherhood Is Not A Woman's Highest Calling {+ Giveaway!}

Hey friends! Andrew, Declan, and I are having a blast exploring Hanoi, Vietnam this week. Hopefully I'll have some photos to share with you soon! You can also follow me on Instagram here for daily photos.

This week, I published a post on A Harvest of Blessing about something that makes me a little nervous  - why motherhood is not a woman's highest calling.

Here's an excerpt:

But I should never mistake my role as a mother for my life’s ultimate purpose – because then I will judge my own worth according to how well I perform in that role. How many times have you (if you’re a mother) felt like a failure because you snapped at your child? How often have you felt a sense of pride at your own abilities as a mother on a good day? Do you ever have the nagging feeling that maybe your sense of worth is misplaced?

If our life’s purpose becomes centered on us – our title, our role, and our ability to perform as a mother – our identity is not placed in Jesus. Our identity becomes centered on what we do as women, not in what Jesus has done for us. And if our ability to perform disappears, whether by losing a child or having a child who turns away from God, our identity will disappear also. Or even more likely, we will develop pride and arrogance when our children turn out to be amazing lovers of God, because we have done our duty.

Read the rest over on A Harvest of Blessing. I'd so appreciate it if you left a comment, telling me what you thought.

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