My Top 10 From the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Thanks to everyone who purchased a bundle! The sale is over!

If you've been around the blog this week, you've heard me talking a lot about the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. 

One thing I've learned from living overseas in a difficult place is that I can't help others if I am not taking care of myself. That can be really challenging in a place like Cambodia, but it's been worth the effort! 

This isn't an excuse for selfishness, but it's a recognition that God has given me finite time, energy, and strength. I am a steward of the body God has given me, and I don't want to be held back from living the life he's called me to because I've failed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and relationships.

Last spring, I bought the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, full of resources for seeking God, being a joyful wife and mother, and caring for the home God gave us. It was the perfect resource for my season of life as I transitioned into becoming a stay at home.

And now that we're moving back to the States in a few weeks, facing incredibly stressful travel (30+ hours in a plane with a baby, anyone?), transition, and decisions, I'm reminded that I need to make time to keep myself in a healthy place - for my husband, my son, and all the people we are returning to in America.

So many of the lifestyle changes we've made in Cambodia (like switching to a whole foods diet and a non-toxic home) are ones that may be challenging to continue in America. I'm so thankful for this fall's Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, focused on how to take charge of my health and have a vibrant, energetic life.

The bundle sale ends Monday, and you can still grab a bundle for $29.97 (which is a crazy deal, since it's worth over $1,000 if you bought everything separately). I know when you see the list of books, e-courses and bonuses, you probably think (like me!), Who has time to read 73 books? Ain't nobody got time for that!!!

But after buying my bundle and looking through everything, I've picked out my top 10 items that make the bundle worth the purchase for me (I even shelled out the extra $10 to get the Kindle editions on top of the PDF files). 

I hope some of these resources are ones that are encouraging and empowering for you, too!

If you want to jump straight to the bundle website, click here.

My Top 10 Picks from the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

1. Traditional Remedies for Modern Families by Sarah Pope (e-book, $9.99 value)

I'm a nurse, so I definitely value physicians and medical care! But sometimes, like with viral illnesses, there's not much you can do but treat the symptoms. I'm much more interested in using natural remedies than popping cold medicine (which makes me feel awful).

This book has a natural remedy for all sorts of illnesses, from the common cold and toenail fungus to gut disorders and PMS. It also outlines when you NEED to skip the herbs and head straight to the doctor's office.

2. The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil by Susan Vinskofksi (e-book, $18 value)

We have a small garden in our home back in Kansas City that I'm excited to dig into this year - but the soil is pretty bad. This book "digs down deep" to give you the information you need to have a beautiful, vibrant home garden. Composting, choosing crops, seed starting and saving, trellising, preserving and cooking - it's all covered. And the book is also gorgeously illustrated with paintings and full-color photos.

3. FREE 4-Month Online Yoga Class Membership at (bonus, $23.97 value)

I really love yoga. I used it during my pregnancy and after childbirth to get back in shape. I know moving back home, it will be challenging to get back into an exercise routine. I'm thankful to have classes right on my computer that I can dive into to help me get over jet lag!

4. Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert by Erin Odom (e-book, $12.50 value)

This is actually a book I've bought before. If you are interested in cloth diapers, start here. Erin covers absolutely everything you need to know about diapers, what to buy, how to clean them, and more. It's a great resource that will save you hours on Google.

5. Your choice of a FREE Baltic Amber Baby Bracelet ($15 Value) or a FREE Baltic Amber Adult Bracelet ($19.99 Value) from Sweet Bottoms Boutique

I've ordered cloth diapers from Sweet Bottoms Boutique before and will be ordering more when we move back to the States. So this is like getting a bonus gift with my diapers! Kawaii brand diapers are my favorites, and Sweet Bottoms throws in extra bonuses, too. Last time I got samples of soap nuts and cloth diaper detergent!

6. First Bites and Beyond: Nourishing Your Baby and Toddler by Kristen Burgess (e-book, $30 value)

We just started feeding Declan real food in the past few weeks. I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing! But Burgess covers EVERYTHING I want to know about feeding my baby. She bucks a lot of the conventional wisdom about starting with cereals and talks about feeding plans that will give your baby the protein, vitamins and healthy fats he needs to grow. 

7. Making Organic Food Affordable by Tara Wagner (e-book, $18 value)

This is the other thing I like to remind people: Organic food is not more expensive. Conventional food has just been made artificially cheap by government subsidies.
— Tara Wagner

I am not organic-only-eater, but I would buy it if it were more affordable. Wagner has written a resource that not only explains how to make organic affordable, but takes you through worksheets to help you figure out what is important to you when it comes to food and how to get it. She definitely doesn't cut any punches, either - all of us (me included!) spend money impulsively, then complain we don't have money for important things. If eating organic is important to you, she can help.

8. Simple. Healthy. Tasty. – Breakfast by Tammie Nelson (e-book, $6.95 value)

I looove me a big breakfast. But often I feel stumped as to what to cook, besides eggs, bread, and cereal. These recipes offer a wide variety of choices - smoothies, waffles, potatoes (do you know how easy it is to make hash browns yourself?!), granola, and more - to spice up your morning routine.

9. Let’s Do This! Getting Ahead in Your Real Food Kitchen by Laura Coppinger (e-course, $5 value)

Real food takes more time - no sugar coating it. But this e-course is a great way to cook ahead, saving me more time to enjoy doing other things I love. Especially if Andrew and I both start working in the States, I want to get ahead on cooking for us so we can still eat healthy, real food during busy weeknights.

10. Your choice of a FREE  or heirloom yogurt starter or sourdough starter from Cultures For Health (bonus, $12.99 value)

Store bought yogurt has nothing on the homemade variety. I love thick, creamy yogurt and use it in so many things - Indian curries and naan, granola, smoothies, even as a sour cream substitute. Homemade yogurt isn't actually that difficult to make, but you definitely need the starter to get all those yummy cultures. 

As I mentioned above, the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is only for sale until 11:59pm EST Monday, September 15.

If I purchased just my top 10 picks individually, it would cost me over $150. But buying the bundle for $29.97 (or $39.97 for the Kindle bundle) is saving me loads of money. Plus, I'm getting even more books and resources to help me figure out how to live healthy in America.

The sale is almost over, so make sure you hop over to the website and grab one for yourself before the clock runs out.

And tell me - which of these picks look the most helpful or interesting to you?

Note: Affiliate links used. Full disclosure here.