Invite Them Into the Mess {Guest Post}

Today I'm over on Project: On Purpose, talking about how to invite people into the mess of our hearts and homes. Here's an excerpt -

It was one of those hilarious miscommunications that can happen in marriage. My husband and I had agreed to invite a couple over for dinner sometime during the week. He asked me what time would be good, and, thinking he meant in a general sense, I replied around 6 pm would be fine.

Later that evening, as I was getting our baby ready for bed, my husband said casually, “So they should be here in about thirty minutes; should I start dinner?” I looked at him, mouth agape, saying, “You didn’t say they were coming today!” And I proceeded to hurriedly dress and feed the baby and jump into the kitchen to start cooking.

They soon arrived, and I finished cooking dinner while talking with the wife. The bathroom wasn’t cleaned, and the living room was littered with toys and books and half-folded laundry. But it didn’t really matter. Andrew set the table, we played with their baby, and dinner was a sweet time of conversation and laughter.

And I remembered – I don’t need my home to be perfect before inviting people in.

Read the rest on Project: On Purpose.

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