Goals for September 2014

Every month, I set 5 goals for the coming month, taken from my 5 core purposes and dreams for the year. Actually, I normally have more than that, but I focus on the 5 Most Important Goals for the month, talking about them on the blog, and reviewing ones from the previous months.

August has been an awesome month for us. I've stayed in Poipet, sorted all our stuff into sell-giveaway-take piles, and spent time with friends I know I will really miss when we move back to America.

It's been some really valuable breathing space before the craziness that September and October will introduce into our lives...more on that below!

Here's a quick review of my August goals:

  • 31 Days of Prayer - Madison from The Wetherills Say I Do has this awesome list of daily prayer topics - this was a fail. I think my inability to set aside 5 minutes every day to pray just highlights how much I do NOT make this a priority in my life. In September, I'm going to put each prayer item into my calendar (i.e. #1 on September 1, etc.) to repeat every month and send me a reminder. Often I'm busy doing housework or caring for the baby - I can pray while I do those things if I'm just reminded what to pray for!
  • Say good bye to friends - I am so thankful for the time we've had to spend with friends! We've spent time with almost everyone on our list, so that next week, I can focus on packing!
  • Keep my mouth shut in the car - It helps that we haven't driven very many places this month, haha! But when I just decide, I'm going to keep my mouth shut, it makes things a lot less stressful!
  • Finish Bible study resource list - yes! If you'd like to check it out, you can sign up for my monthly newsletter to get free access!
  • Design new site and logo and move to Squarespace - yes! Some things are still not quite settled (like all my old posts have to be recategorized to match the new topics on my sidebar!) But I'm sooo happy with the new design and platform!

September, like I said, will be crazy.

We have 10 days left in Poipet.

Then - 1 day in Bangkok - 7 days in Hanoi, Vietnam to visit friends and for Andrew to attend a water and sanitation conference - 3 more days in Bangkok to see friends - 4 days in Poipet - then flying off to America from Siem Reap.

If you're counting, that's 4 countries, 5 flights, and 6 border crossings in 27 days.

Because of that, this month, I'm going to be running a few blog posts from the archives, since I probably won't have quite as much time for writing like I normally do. Since a lot of you haven't been around longer than a year, I thought it'd be a fun way to introduce a bit of our back story and look back on some awesome memories of our time in Cambodia!

I'll be popping in regularly with updates and photos from all our travels, too.

So for September, here are my five most important goals:

  • Continue daily Bible reading and prayer - when schedules get crazy, my time with God often gets dropped. Even if it's just 5-10 minutes reading my She Reads Truth devo and praying, I don't want to lose the habit of seeking God in the chaos.
  • Check in with Andrew consistently about how we are handling transition - it's so easy to get wrapped up in to-do lists and busyness, we forget to really care for each other's hearts. Hopefully we can stay connected through it all!
  • Pack up my house in 10 suitcases/totes that weigh no more than 23kg (50lb.) - big goal, y'all. Packing for an overseas move is like a jigsaw puzzle!
  • Set up archived posts to run during September while life is crazy.
  • Not stress out about getting a job right now - honestly, I'm tempted to start trolling job postings online and worrying about what we'll do for work. But right now is not the time for me to worry about the future; I need to focus on the present!

What about you? What's one thing you'd like to make happen in September?