Currently {September 2014}

Today I'm jumping in for the Currently link-up with Jenna from Dearest Love to share what I'm currently into this month!

Writing - I'm working on writing up several blog posts ahead of time to run this month while we are traveling to 4 countries in 27 days - life will be a bit crazy, so preparing ahead of time is key!

Anticipating - Moving back home to Kansas City after 3+ years abroad in Cambodia - I'm definitely excited about that!

I'm also anticipating the release of this fall's Ultimate Bundle of e-books, e-courses, and bonuses - it's all about healthy living and taking charge of your health. I got a sneak peak at the books and bonuses, and y'all, it looks uh-mazing - I'm especially excited about the books on real foods and courses on using essential oils and natural remedies! Worth over $1,000, it's only for sale for 6 days for $29.97. You can sign up to get notified when it releases next week. And if you refer friends, you can even get a bundle for free! Check it out here.

Missing - Home. An English church service. Hanging out with my mom. Grass. But soon, we'll get all those things in abundance. Only 27 days to go!!!

Wearing - Let's be honest - there's a lot of yoga pants going on over here. Packing is not for the faint of heart or those who wish to remain clean, especially when many items are covered in 3 years' worth of dust bunnies (which, coincidentally, is also a sign that item goes in the giveaway pile - if it hasn't been used in a year or more, I obviously don't need it!).

Craving - Chocolate and ice cream. It's my stress food. Thankfully, it's in short supply here in Poipet. I had my first ice cream bar in a month last weekend, and it was glorious. I've been trying to stick to fruit, which doesn't quite satisfy like chocolate. But soon, I'll be craving all the tropical fruit I can't get in Kansas City, so I'd better eat it while I can!

What are you into this month?

P.S. Why I decided to choose grace over guilt.

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