Clean Water and the Word of God - A Story from Cambodia

Today Andrew is sharing a story from his work with Samaritan's Purse Cambodia. The Water for Kids project provides clean water sources, toilets, and hygiene education to schools in rural Cambodia. You can read other posts by Andrew about Water for Kids by clicking here. - whitney

 Meeting with the school children

Meeting with the school children

This month the Water for Kids project staff have had many opportunities to minister to the students while following up on the hygiene education training. During the visit to the schools they handed out gospel tracts and took time to teach the students about Jesus.
One student, nicknamed James, is 12 years old and in the sixth grade. He is a very bright student and is at the top of his class. As the students were taught the message of Jesus he listened very carefully, showing great interest in the Bible.

His family has had a difficult time making ends meet. Because of poverty his parents decided to leave Cambodia and go to work in Thailand in 2012, leaving him at home with his aunt. At first he refused to stay in Cambodia, but then at the last minute he changed his mind because he wanted to focus on his studies. 

Not only does he love to study, he works hard to help his family. He tells us, “I have to work hard in the house. I wake up early in the morning to clean the bathroom and sweep around the house. I also go to collect water from well into the jars. Then I read my lesson book while eating breakfast and go to school. This is my daily life here. My aunty and her family love me, and she encourages me to study more, but I love doing practical things to help her and the family.”  

SP staff went to James’ school to share a Bible lesson with around 45 students. The staff said after the lesson there will be a quiz time, and whoever can answer the questions will receive a free Bible booklet for kids with colourful pictures. 

 James on the right, with his friend

James on the right, with his friend

The students eagerly listened to the story of Jesus Christ, and then the time came for the quiz. The students were asked, “Who could remember or describe the story of Jesus?” 

James immediately raised his hand and said, “Jesus is an amazing person and he is alive today!”
“How do you know that, James?” asked the staff.

“Because he could raise people from the dead, and he died and rose back to life again within 3 days. He healed blind people and makes them see again, he walked and water and fed 5000 people with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish! I want to be like Jesus.” James said. 

After the class, James shared his plans for the future with us. “I want to become prime minister of my country to develop our country and share Jesus’ story to my people,” he said, confidently.

Then, before leaving the staff and students all gathered around and prayed together, giving thanks for these students and their passion to know and serve the Creator God.