A Second Chance for An Amazing Opportunity!

Thanks to everyone who purchased a bundle! The sale is over!

If you thought you missed the sale, you have a second chance.

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle sale was supposed to end Monday night. But guess what? So many people were ordering bundles that their website went down for a few hours! If that was you - sorry! (and good job :)

Because of that, the bundle sale has been extended til Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2pm EST. That means if you forgot about the bundle - or you're experiencing regret that you didn't grab one for yourself or a friend - you're in luck. (click here to skip the motivational speech & get your bundle now!)

You have a second chance to get the resources you need at an incredible discount - ebooks, online courses, and bonuses worth over $1,000 for only $29.97.

Just as a quick recap, here's what comes in the bundle - a one-time purchase:

  • 73 e-books on alternative/traditional remedies, clean eating and special diets, green cleaning, natural child health, DIY natural beauty recipes, fitness, and gardening/homesteading
  • 7 audio and online courses on meal planning, natural childbirth, and more- including an online introductory course on essential oils worth $97 alone!
  • Over $200 worth of bonuses from natural health companies, like an online yoga class, yogurt starter, natural body care gift sets, and gift certificates
  • A Getting Started guide to help you figure out your main health challenge and what bundle resources to start with to get you off on the right foot

For the price of a nice dinner out, or a movie night for two, you can get the knowledge you need to make the changes that have been nagging at the back of your mind - whether it's better eating habits, starting to exercise, or finally learning how to use those essential oils you bought months ago to get healthy.

If the bundle website is overwhelming, I've listed my top 10 picks from the bundle that make it a worthwhile investment for myself and my family - you can read that here. I also talked on the blog about clean eating (inspired by Cambodia) and green cleaning (inspired by pregnancy) last week, and listed a few easy ways to start building those changes into your daily routine.

The reason I'm promoting the bundle is that I believe it will make your life better, and it is money well spent. We ALL spend money on things we believe will enhance our life quality - nicer clothes, a fun experience, a prettier home.

Why not invest money on a more vibrant, energetic life so you can pursue what really matters to you?

You have until 2pm EST today to do it!

Note: Affiliate links used. Full disclosure here.