Letters to Declan: 6 Months

Dear Declan,

Congratulations! You've made it through half a year with parents who still sometimes are bewildered at how to take care of you.

This month, we survived a week away from Dad while he traveled for work - and we didn't drive each other too crazy. Hopefully that bodes well for the future. You've also been getting stronger at sitting up, grabbing everything in your sight, and talking away when the mood catches you. You dissolve into giggles if I laugh at your antics.

And you continue to be a fountain of drool. Maybe because of those two teeth that popped up on your lower gums this week? I think that's also why you've been crabby and clingy - definitely not your normal cheery self!

Your face is looking more and more like your dad's - but I still think you have my crooked eyes. One of your favorite things to do is to sit in your Bumbo chair and look out the window, watching the world roll by. You don't miss much anymore - anything with colors or noise catches your attention.

August was our last full month in Cambodia. September will be spent in a total of four countries - not bad for a six-month-old. And we'll finally introduce you to your passport country, too. Saying good bye to Cambodia will definitely be bittersweet for your parents (although I'm sure you're pretty indifferent at this point!).

Despite the rough mornings and broken nights, you still manage to charm me with your smiles and laughs and deep blue eyes. We're all about to embark on a whole new adventure in America, and I'm glad you're coming along for the ride.

Happy six months, kiddo.

Love, Mom