Letters to Declan: 8 Months


I had to throw one in for Royals pride...

Dear Declan,

You have been beyond fun this month. Even now as I'm typing this, you're sitting behind me, playing on the floor, yelling "da-da-da-da" and whacking your hand against a basket. I really feel like you're trying to talk to us. You've started this adorable habit of raising your hand and saying "Hey!" (or what we interpret as that word, anyway) when someone says hello to you. And sometimes I hear you having little conversations with yourself, alternating between high pitched "ba-ba-ba" and low pitched cooing. 

A few weeks ago, your dad and I did something very special - we dedicated you at our church. In front of God and family and everyone else, the elder asked us this question -

Recognizing that children are a gift from the Lord, are you willing to trust God’s gracious and sovereign plan for his or her life even when it differs from your own agenda? Do you see yourself as God’s primary steward of this child? Will you treasure Jesus and live in such a way that celebrates the truth of the Gospel? Will you teach them God’s Word and commit to disciplining your child according to that Word—consistently, with gentleness and love? Will you put his or her interests before your own, sacrificing and caring for them? Finally, do you commit to raising your child in a community of faith that believes and proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

And we said, we do. 

We definitely don't take this promise lightly. We know we will fail and mess up and get angry and sometimes choose what we prefer instead of what is best. So if you're reading these words and immediately think of those times when that has happened - forgive us. But know that our heart as your parents is to love you in such a way that you see who Jesus is and cling to him as your only hope.

Luckily, we aren't raising you in isolation. God has given you some pretty amazing aunts, uncles and grandparents - both spiritually and by blood - who can teach us and encourage us as we parent you. And we are so thankful for the community we have that will love you almost as much as we do.

So keep growing and playing and exploring (although not too quickly - you haven't started crawling yet, but you are already walking around while grabbing onto my hands). You make life exciting and a bit unpredictable. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy 8 months, little guy.